Frequently Asked Questions

A: The intake form on our website is a fantastic place to start. Please fill it out and we will contact you shortly. At a minimum we need the County, PIN number, and your email address to get started with our research. The more information you can fill in, however, the better we are able to give you an action plan for your specific circumstances.

A: Yes – we are true believers that over-assessed property taxpayers should be able to find the help they need. Many firms may say “we don’t do houses” or “we don’t do houses outside of Cook County” or “we don’t do houses unless they are valued X or higher.” We believe this exacerbates the geographic and socioeconomic bias that inhibits many Illinois residents from getting good advice about one of their largest bills related to their largest asset.

A: Yes – most of our combined 50 years of experience is related to commercial properties of all asset types.

A: Illinois – unlike many other jurisdictions – offers a lot of due process in the property tax system. This means that there are multiple opportunities to object to the value and seek independent review

1. Assessing Officials:

  • There is an informal appeal process with the local township assessors outside of Cook County:
  • There is an appeal process through the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

2. Board of Review:

  • Every one of Illinois’s 102 counties has a Board of Review where property taxpayers can seek an independent review of their property tax assessment. Boards of review are made up of three members and many counties add alternate members. Outside of Cook County, many members of the boards of review are appointed. In Cook County, the three commissioners are elected from three different jurisdictions.

3. Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) or Circuit Court:

  • If a taxpayer is not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Review, they can appeal that decision to PTAB. PTAB is a statewide agency that has five members who are appointed by the Governor. PTAB administrative law judges travel to the seat of each county to adjudicate property tax controversies related to properties situated in that county.
  • Circuit Court is the alternative venue to appeal a board of review decision. Many commercial taxpayers appeal their assessments to the board of review in Cook County every year by filing a Specific Objection complaint. Specific Objection filings are less common outside of Cook County. There are specific deadlines and jurisdictional prerequisites to filing this type of case.

A: Generally speaking, our fee structure is contingent upon a successful outcome for our clients. Said another way, if we do not reduce your tax burden, you do not owe us any money. For specific contingency fees, please contact us.


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